Home Showing Safety Checklist

Home Sellers Safety Checklist

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Before you put your home on the market. 

_____ Remove or lock up valuables. Don't think that just hiding them is good enough. If you must hide- get creative.  Place in a cookie tin in the kitchen, an old shoe box in the closet hidden amongst other boxes.  Don’t put them an obvious place such as a drawer.

Here is a quick list of potential valuables. 

_____ Prescription Drugs

_____ Any type of financial statement

_____ Jewelry & Watches

_____ Purse & Wallets

_____ Bank statements

_____ Passports

_____ Extra keys

_____ Weapons

_____ Zip Drives

_____ Unopened Mail

_____ Wine and Cigars

_____ Tidy up your house. If everything looks neat in its proper place, then it will be much harder for someone to walk off with something. 

_____ Hide your family calendar. Burglars don’t need to know when you plan on leaving for vacation. 

_____ Put away pictures of your children. 

_____ Lock your computer with a password. Take out all zip drives and lock them up with your valuables.  

_____ Plan what you will do with your children and/or pets during showings. You don't want strangers to have easy access to your children or pets.  

_____ Look for any potential hazards to buyers. You don't want anyone to get hurt on your property.


Showing Checklist (Before you show your home to a prospective buyer yourself.) 

_____ Never show the home alone. You want to have someone else there for safety reasons and to help keep track of everyone. Many buyers bring their kids. Or, they show up with an unexpected tag along and tell you, 'My friend is visiting me from out of town and I want them to see the home I may buy.'  Scammers will work in teams, one will distract you while the other is searching for valuables.

_____ Be careful what you tell buyers. Don't tell them where you work, what your work hours are, or your vacation plans. Don't answer questions about this either. 

_____ Stop and familiarize yourself with all of the different exits that your home has available. At the same time, check out the yard and the exits that are available there. 

_____ Stay with all parties the entire time. Don't allow 2-3 people to wander around your house. They can steal or leave a window unlocked for a return visit.  

_____ Only show your home to one party at a time. 

_____ Keep your car keys and cell phone with you always. 

_____ Don't wear expensive jewelry. 

_____ Push for daytime showings. If a buyer is busy during the week, then offer to show them your home on the weekend.   

_____ Be very cautious of red flags. Examples are visitors late at night or early in the morning, two or more visitors, or people that aren't willing to setup an appointment. 

_____ Setup appointments with prospective buyers. The person who randomly knocks on your door is rarely a good buyer. If someone does randomly knock on your door, then ask them to wait a few minutes before you show them your home. Then, close and LOCK the door and do the showing precautions you normally would. 

_____ Before you show your home, park your car where it cannot be boxed in by another car. This enables you to leave quickly if necessary.

_____ Before you show the home, let someone know about it. Tell them to check on you in 30 minutes. Tell them to call your phone at that time. If you don't answer, then they should contact the authorities. You can also setup a secret phrase to let them know that you are uncomfortable. For example, 'Let's meet at Starbucks later.' 

_____ When the buyer first shows up tell them that a friend will be arriving shortly. You can tell them, 'Let's go thru the house. We have plenty of time, but my friend John is coming over soon.'

_____ Ask buyers for identification. Make a copy of their driver's license. If you have a smart phone, then take a picture of that and text the picture to someone you know. 

_____ Always walk behind the buyer. Do not let them walk behind you. It's a lot easier for someone to attack you from behind. 

_____ Don't let a visitor box you inside a room. Follow them into a room.

_____ If you feel uncomfortable, then step into the next room to make a phone call. 

Pretend it is a routine conversation, but remember to mention, 'Let's meet at Starbucks later' or whatever the safety phrase you and your friend rehearsed earlier.  

Stay on the phone until the prospective buyer leaves. The mere fact that you are having a conversation with someone will cause most criminals to put their plans on hold.   

Check on your home after the buyers leave. Some people have intentionally unlocked a window and then come back later to burglarize the home. 

In conclusion…

It’s a lot to handle, right?  The nice benefit of using a Realtor is that we are all insured.  If something does happen during a showing, we are covered.  We also are usually working with customers we know, ones that are qualified to purchase and not just off the street.

If you have any questions, then please give me a call. I want you to feel safe and secure throughout the home selling process.

Thank you,

Miranda Price

of Farris Price
Managing Broker/Owner

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Home Showing Safety Checklist

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