Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for taking the first step in researching whether or not now is the time to sell your home.  As you will see on the following pages, right now is the best market Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Area has ever seen to sell your home.  Homes are selling in record time, for record prices! 

Are you doubting these claims? To make it easy, we have compiled some recent graphs depicting the current market for you to look at analyze for yourself.  We have also compiled a list of reasons as to why now is the time for you to act.  If you are toying with the idea of listing your home, please take a look at the following pages and make a determination for yourself. 

Markets change, sometimes quickly and drastically.  Please don’t let this optimal window pass you by!

Why is now the best time to sell your home?

#1 – We are at an all-time low for number of listings

Since metrics have been tracked, going back decades, there has never been such a small amount of homes available for sale compared to the population size.  This means that the Pikes Peak area is officially in a Seller’s Market as there is little competition in selling and buyers are still buying!
While it is currently in a dip, as you can see from the chart below, the numbers are beginning to increase.  When the number of listings increase, a market will change from a seller’s market to a buyers market- resulting in longer times on the market, more competition, and lower offer prices.

#2– We are still setting records for sale volume

While the inventory is down the buyers are still buying! Many listings are boasting selling within mere hours in the desired areas, and many times to multiple competing offers.  This is bringing the sellers high dollar offers and the luxury of choosing which offer has terms that are best for them.

#3 – Homes under $500,000 are selling the fastest and for record amounts in record times

If you have a home under the half million mark- now is definitely the time to sell.  This is the price range where the buyers are buying so quickly, if in a normal market, they would all be sold within a couple months.  If you are in this range, and are thinking of upgrading your home, then you are poised to sell fast, and still have the luxury of choosing a home in a market that is still more of a “buyers” market.  Even with the higher priced homes skewing results, the total Colorado Springs market can boast average days on market of less than 30 days!

#4 – Mortgage rates are at historic lows

While the rates are currently around all-time lows, making your borrowing power stronger and higher, there is no guarantee they will stay this low.  With elections coming up, based on historic performance, the market will surely fluctuate in the upcoming months.  If the market fluctuates drastically, all borrowers will be effected negatively.

What does all this mean for you?

Now is definitely the time to take action.  If you are considering selling your home anytime in the future, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. 

Who are we?
Farris Price is a locally owned, innovative Real Estate Company, chaired by a partnership of two women who share decades of experience and friendship between them.  They have seen the market at its worst, and now are seeing it at its best.  We would love the time to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your home, educate you about expectations, and counsel you as to the best course of action.  We pride ourselves on putting our client’s needs before the dollar, and we will never advise you to do something that could have a foreseeable negative outcome.  We work for you, and we never forget that.  We are prepared to do whatever you need, to secure the home of your dreams.

Here is just a sampling of testimonials from some of our past clients:

Miranda has helped me buy two houses and she's great to work with. She knows exactly what she's doing and is there for you through the whole buying process. My last transaction was selling my house to buy another and every time I got over stressed she did a great job of calming me down and making me feel really good about how things are going. I'm still moving up in life. I do plan to buy and sell again, and Miranda will be my realtor when that time comes. I wouldn't even consider using another. She's not just a great realtor, she's a really good person and I always looked forward to talking with her and seeing her.

Scott C.   2 time buyer, 1 time seller with Miranda Price

Miranda helped me purchase my first home in 2009 and she made the first time home buying process as stress free as possible. She listened to what I was looking for and my price point, and when properties would hit the market, she knew instantly if I'd like them or not. It was not about the sale for her, as we passed on some more expensive homes, still within my price point, and found "the one". We were on the same page. When I outgrew that house and it was time to sell, she again walked me through that process, explaining the mountain of paperwork and helped me decide on a selling price, and when offers came in, helped distinguish what was reasonable. She is very hard working, communicating at all times of day, well beyond what normal business hours and days would be expected. She knows the area well, has vision and operates with integrity and loyalty. She truly enjoys her job and her clients. I'm currently deployed, and in search of my next home. She has been my eyes in this process, travelling all over the springs to take video of potential properties for me, explaining the surrounding area, and giving me her best guidance about the way forward. Needless to say, I find her to be of sound judgment and character, and she's trustworthy. Plus, she's an overall good person! From thousands of miles away she is taking care of me and taking the stress out of the house buying process...which is great because, being on deployment, I have enough of that already! And, true to form, she found me a house where I wanted with the amenities I wanted, so I when I return to the U.S. it'll be to my NEW HOME. I highly recommend Miranda for any real estate needs you may have!

Kimberly P. 2 Time Buyer, 1 Time Seller with Miranda Price

These clients, and many more are the reason we do what we do.  We would love an opportunity to earn your business.

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